Waterproof Hidden Camera 8GB

Tiny camera lens on the watch face is so discreet no-one will notice it - the built in microphone and USB connection look like just another button. 8GB built in storage capacity takes hours of video surveillance in computer ready AVI format. Also captures photos or records sound. Perfect for making recordings of meetings or lectures or for capturing holiday memories when you do not have your camera at hand.

1: Compact design
2: Built-in lithium battery, video up to 100 minutes
3: Support video recording function
4: The camera can be used as webcam
5: Video Resolution: 720 x 480, 30frame/second
6: Photo Resolution: 1280 x 1024
7: Video Format: AVI format
8: Photo Format: JPG format
9: Single Recording Format: WAV format
10: USB Transfer Speed: 2.0/1.1(Hs)
11: Memory: 8GB
12: Windows ME/2000/Win7/XP/Mac OS9.2.2 or above version of the operating system without installing driver (Windows 98 system needs to install the driver)

Note: The waterproof 8GB watch doesn't support be soaked in water for a long time.